oldest drums were found in Mesopotamia.According to studies, the time of their production - approximately 6-8 millennium BC.e.It was then that were first painted cave paintings known to archaeologists.This suggests that the art developed uniformly even ancient people: the music was inseparable from the drawing.Also, the drums were found in Moravia and on the territory of Ancient Egypt (4 millennium BC).
drums originally used as a ritual or a signal instrument.They used to talk about the dangers of neighboring settlements.Several drum "post" located within earshot of each other, can rapidly transmit information.With drumming shamans fell into a trance and then to predict the weather or the rest of
the tribe were notified, how was communication with spirits.Also, the drums since ancient times used to clear the exciting rhythm raise the spirits of the fighting armies.There are cases when the use of drums and the enthusiasm of soldiers in the middle of the battle helped to refract the course of the battle.
also drums from the ancient times were used for beating the rhythm of the dance.Dance music was at first, for the most part, the ritual, then became exclusively secular.The shift away from religious canons and the change in the scope of use of drums entertainment in no small measure contributed to the making of his first musical instrument.But for a long time the drums were made by different technologies, they were difficult to use in the music, as they all sound different.
Drums, despite its old age, have been improved much later than other instruments, sound more gently.In fact, it was only in the early 20th century when it was invented to make drums technology Multilayered wood bundles.It is possible to make the drums predictable and, therefore, on a truly musical.Shortly thereafter, and therefore begins the "golden era" of drums: the rise of music, in which the drum set belongs to one of the main parties.
In the mid 50s invented the use of plastic membrane, thereby increasing the durability of drums and facilitate their adjustment.Around the same time appeared the electronic drum machines, as universal drum sets, but they are not able to beat a man in expressive performance.