Cave Ban d'Arc (Grotte Chauvet-Pont d'Arc) is located in south-central France in the Cretaceous plateau along the river Ardeche.On the walls of this ancient monument of primitive culture were found well-preserved rock paintings.When creating them, according to experts, used techniques of painting, engraving, three-dimensional graphics.With amazing anatomical accuracy are painted figures of bison, bears, mammoths, rhinos, snow leopards and other animals.

mystery and uniqueness of this cave is not just about her age (32 000 years), but also that it is the only cultural heritage site by UNESCO,

which will never be presented to the general public.Cave discovered about 20 years ago, access to it is prohibited to all but specialists.

assumed that preservation of ancient drawings intact secured a landslide, a cave sealed inlet about 20 000 years ago.Specialists there are fears that the penetration of a man in an underground sanctuary, lead to the development of mold microorganisms that destroy the unique rock work of ancient man.

These precautions have practical justification.In the forties of the last century in France it was discovered another ancient cave - Lascaux.Numerous excursions to this monument of primitive art led to a deterioration of most of the wall paintings from the formation of fungal infections.Today, the entrance to the cave of Lascaux is also closed to the public.

French authorities promised that the end of 2014 will create an exact copy of a unique cave Pan d'Arc.Here tourists interested in history will be able to see samples of primitive art.