The artist Vasily Shulzhenko became popular all over the world, they are particularly fond of Americans, who want to see Russia as such.It shows the life of the Russian people without the "mask".Drink, debauchery, the bottom of life and human vices.Someone respects his work, while others despise.Each painting carries a deeper meaning.If you look, you can see the history of each character.Many people think that Russian Vasily hates, but maybe he wants the one who found himself on the canvas - changed ?!His work can be described as "grim, but true."
Василий Шульженко "Скорая помощь"
Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka artist has his own unique style, prorisovyvaya every detail.In his paintings dominated by warm pleasant colors.Looking at their enveloping sense of magic, the mighty forces of nature and the world that we may know nothing.Pictures give vent to
our imagination and change the perception of reality.Definitely, Jacek Yerka is an extraordinary creative artist, and his paintings are worthy of our attention.
Jacek Yerka "Back to nature"
works by German artist and illustrator Quint Buchholz give our brain "food" for thought.To his paintings want to come back and to look at again and again.Each has its own history.Palette pleasant, soft and weightless.Looking at his paintings unwillingly calm down and acquire a sense of lightness.The artist held more than 70 exhibitions and his paintings won numerous national and international awards.Among his works everyone will find something to their liking.
Quint Buchholz "Каждому своя аудитория"
paintings by American artist Mark Ryden at first glance may seem strange and a little crazy, but if they take a closer review, we can see the inner experiences of the characters, the world of sincerity and integrity of human relationships and relationshipswith yourself.Most often his paintings wound sadness, grief and anguish.The style of performance is characterized as pop surrealism, and its branded items are "the eyes and the Bumblebee" that flash on each of his works.
Mark Ryden "Little boy blue
Japanese surrealist Tatsuya Ishida committed suicide or it was an accident, it is not known, but he left a part of himself.His gloomy picture.In them, he depicts everyday life, a mechanism in which humanity is involved, people are robots without a soul, and with the "empty" eyes.When you begin to think that we have all the details, only a well-functioning mechanism, it is scary and horrible.The colors he uses the same dark and depressing.All this casts a cold and sad.
Surrealism Tetsuya Ishida