play the role of theater and film history is replete with examples of male actors who played on stage and screen actress.And not always a fairy-tale like George Millyar main Baba Yaga Soviet cinema, or parody, but also quite serious, even dramatic.Let no one.Curiously, appeared before the audience with a female make-up, in a skirt and heels, not only willing to agree to the novice actor seeking just such an extravagant way to add yourself popular, show diverse.Recognized actors, even world stars, are not shy to temporarily "change their sex."And the list of these fans, more precisely, the reincarnation o
f professionals is able to decorate any cinematic hits.

It includes, for example, Tony Curtis, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Robin Williams, Michael J. Fox, Dustin Hoffman, Charlie Chaplin and other Hollywood residents.However, no exception, and the Soviet-Russian film industry.Prominent female roles, and the main, the audience remembered it and such "monsters" as Alexander Kalyagin and Oleg Tabakov, and actors of the middle generation, Marat Bashar, Mikhail Efremov, Dmitry Kharatyan.And even their younger colleagues Alexander Golovin and Pavel Derevyanko, while working on the roles are not taken seriously homophobic and dense gender conventions of the Russian society.

separate genre, though similar, are actors specialist 'parodies.And create images of women on the stage, causing laughter among the audience.They "travesty", and the most well-known in the former Soviet Union, are Veronica Mavrikievny Avdotya Nikitichna (Vadim Tonkov and Boris Vladimirov) and Verka Serduchka (Danilko).Burlesque travesty shows and the creation of grotesque images of women and men engaged actors, acting mainly in nightclubs.In this environment, we stand Anatoly Evdokimov and Vlad Kazantsev, better known as Zaza Napoli.


People, combining features of the exterior of both sexes, and by nature, called androgynous.Many of them, especially in the West, are in high demand as a model podium.After all, they are able to parade in male and in female attire.The most famous of such a model is recognized Andrej Pejic, who managed to conquer not only to Australia (where the androgynous officially recognized third floor), but also Europe and America.It is surprising, but its "Pejic" is in Russia, where the majority of men prefer to die rather than public wearing women's clothing.The name of this brave Moscow Danila Polyakov, and he is working on shows like the Australian Serb Andrei, around the globe.


The third category of biological males, unlike the first two, seeking always and everywhere to look like a natural woman, going for it on hormone therapy, complex surgical and plastic surgery and a complete change documents are transsexuals MtF.This abbreviation stands for both Male-to-Female (transition from male to female).

main "nuance" transgender, they are fundamentally different from "travesty" and androgynous male with passports and heterosexual orientation, is available, and from birth, female gender (psyche).Which leads to the desire of any MtF not only look, but also constantly in the company of a woman, born a.This new image is not a tribute to the profession and not a game, but the desire to seriously argue with nature, "award" women's human psyche, its content, hateful male appearance, shape.