Symbolism outside ...

created in the workshops of Paris, it was a real gift of the French people, the embodiment of democracy and freedom.The discovery of the famous monument was dedicated to the centenary of the great American Revolution.It is believed that the prototype of the world-famous symbol of democracy - Freedom Monument - served as a picture of Delacroix, and the basis of the idea is the idea of ​​the sculptor to erect a giant lighthouse, which in the hands of the statue was replaced by a torch, meet newcomers ships from all parts of the globe.

All steeped in history statue, every element of the monument laid out and has a symbolic character.

Elegant woman in light
dress symbolizes freedom and independence of this vast country, equal opportunities and prospects for all immigrants come here.The crown, decorated with seven teeth, is a symbol of the seven seas and continents, and numerous windows placed around the entire circumference of the crown symbolize the brilliance of precious stones.Broken same shackles that lie at the foot of the statue - the liberation of slave chains, that was and is more than urgent to once servile colonial America.

... and within

Interestingly, even the inner structure of the statue, which later served as the location for the creation of a museum of American history through dates and events of formation of the United States.

the left hand of the statue placed a plate, which depicted the figure "4 July 1776".It is easy to guess that this is - the date of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence. huge size statues convey the greatness, the importance of the prospects that open to future Americans arriving in the country from the clutches of oppression of the Old World.

bronze plate attached to the front of the pedestal is a carrier lines of the sonnet dedicated to Lady Liberty, one of the residents of the country.These are the words engraved in the honor of meeting new people.

Statue of Liberty has become truly one of the wonders of the world, a symbol of the so-called "American way of life", the embodiment of the idea of ​​independence, numerous images and copies of this grand structure dispersed to all parts of the globe.The very same statue is open to tourists, blinding splendor of this truly the eighth wonder, symbolizing the friendly ties linking France and America.