as the direction in painting, primitivism was born in the XIX century.By its very nature it resembles primitive art, which is characterized by a deliberately naive and simplistic image of people and objects.Pictures primitives neither realistic look more like the creativity of children.But it is not a blind imitation of children's drawings but only stylized professional painting.
Primitivism is often called "naive art" that highlights its artistic features.The main features of primitive - simplicity and extremely generalized images.Artists working in this style tend to express their ideas with clarity and directness.Naive images generated primitivist, free from the traditi
onal vision of the world, which is characteristic of realism.
term "primitivism" emerged in European culture two centuries ago.It reflects the traditions and cultural representations of the era, which was regarded as the highest stage of the development of art.That's why some critics of the past invested in the term "primitive" negative sense, indirectly pointing to the fact that this style is a step backwards in the overall development of culture.
Over time, related to the "naive" art in society and in the world of art has changed.Paintings, primitives were considered true masterpieces of culture and entered the "golden fund" of world art.The most prominent masters working in this style, art include Frenchman Henri Rousseau, Georgian Niko Pirosmani (Pirosmanishvili), an American Anna Mary Robertson, Croat Ivan generalic.
Primitivism in art - a special vision of the world and a unique presentation of its features.In part, this style is close to the creativity of children, in part - to the drawings of mental patients.But essentially it differs from both the first and the second.Primitivism certain inherent sanctity, symbolism and canonical, which are not found in the drawings of children.In this style, it froze direct perception of the world, filled with deep religious symbolism.
Works primitives optimistic and focused on the development of the world.Paintings breathe optimism and maintain life in all its manifestations.There is no one obsession, intensity and frequency of images that characterize the drawings of mental patients.The most successful painting primitives are reasonably high level of artistry and aesthetics.