August 9, 2012 in St. Petersburg hosted a concert of the famous singer Madonna as part of its world tour to promote the album "MDNA".Often her concerts in the public eye look provocative.And performance in Russia was no exception.As for the non-pecuniary damage caused by the event has already received more than 150 lawsuits in the District Court of St. Petersburg.

Firstly, a concert singer supported the girls from the group Pussy Riot, now convicted, and then waiting for the verdict of the court held in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour prayer punk.She left with the words Pussy Riot on the back and said she prays for the participating groups.

She also danced on the cross.And this, according to some, falls under Article 282 of the Criminal Code, a criminal offense of incitement to religious hatred.In
this connection, Orthodox activists accused the singer of contempt of the Christian religion.

NGO "Parental Control" in St. Petersburg complained to the Investigation Committee.According to the organization, Madonna led the promotion of homosexuality in the presence of minors, thus violating the law of the northern capital.This is due to the fact that at a concert she gave out pink bracelets, then asked the audience to put their hands up and, thereby demonstrating support for sexual minorities.

Besides NGO "Parental Control", the claims about the concert expressed the party "New Great Russia" and "union of Russian citizens."They have filed lawsuits to court to recover 333 million rubles from the organizers of the concert and the singer.

If Madonna is found guilty in accordance with the complaints from entering Russia for it to be closed.Now everything depends on whether the St. Petersburg investigators find corpus delicti in the actions of the actress.