meaning of the word "sequel»

word "sequel" (eng. «Sequel») can be translated as "continuation".Recently, it has become actively used to refer to different works of art, in particular those that are a direct extension of the source.For example, in the film sequel to denote the number "2" or use the additional name "Spider-Man 2" or "New Spider-Man: High Voltage."The same rule is used for the representation of names of computer games.With regard to literary works, usually continuing the source is not in the title numbers are 2, but have a subtitle: "Twilight.Saga.Eclipse ", etc.

main feature of any sequel is that it directly continues the story works, the source, or it uses the names of the known characters from the first part, develops the same idea, etc.At the same time, there are other signs of new works from the s
ame series, such as "trikvel" (continued sequel), "prequel" (the first part of the background work), and others.

Become whether popular sequels?

Calling the future continuation of a work conveniently sequel due to the fact that its official name often remains unknown until the exit.Nevertheless, what continued to be issued, becomes known only after the output of the source.For example, the filmmakers say they are satisfied with the sum of the charges and the rolling plan to release the second part, or even several sequels.Since then, the Internet and media to refer to the new movie or other product series begins to use the word "sequel".

When creating a sequel, most authors, filmmakers and other media people tend to surpass the original and make the new product more vivid, interesting, saturated with new events and characters.However, this scheme works is not always, and often criticism greeted new continuing series of cold enough.But at the same time if the original story was a success and really liked the public release of its sequels, prequels trikvelov or waiting as a truly brilliant event, and the authors make every effort to ensure that "not to fall face in the dirt."In this case, the product came out really become popular and loved in wide circles.