Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) opened its world tour The Monster Ball Tour on 27 November 2009.Performances began in Montreal and were a great success for North and South America, Europe, and Japan, and Oceania.

And in 2012, the eccentric star told his audience of millions of fans that has decided to continue the tour.The concerts of the singer in September 2012 will be held in Germany, England, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

The singer is planning to come to Moscow in the winter, approximate date - December 12, 2012.The place of performance is planned to make the sports complex "Olympic".Northern capital Saint Petersburg Lady Gaga is planning to visit a few days earlier - December 9, 2012.Her performances take place in the Spo
rt and Concert Complex "Petersburg".

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Sales of tickets for Lady Gaga concert in Russia will be carried out at the box office, and sports complexes where the events will take place.It is better to take care of purchasing tickets in advance, as the demand for them is going to be extra high.

music program, with which the singer will be performing before the public, advertised as a very rich and interesting.In addition to well-known hits such as: Poker Face, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Just Dance, Telephone and others, will be present and new unknown song.Presentations will be followed by a large-scale spectacle with grandiose scenery, as well as outrageous and unimaginable mass of costumes, spectacular light and sound effects.