Surrealism is a style of painting in which they worked, and other masters of surrealist trends, born after the end of the First World War - at a crucial time for all art.The shock experienced by the world for the first time faced with a huge military machine senseless destruction, as if launched hidden mechanisms of the human mind: particularly in the creative and talented individuals.

nothing is real fiction

Surrealism - is the highest, the peak point of realism.It is at this peak disappears the line between reality and its flip side - unreal: a dream, a fiction, fantasy.Therefore, the forms and images that are present in the paintings of surrealist painters may be vaguely familiar to anyone who looks at them.Every person on earth to some extent met with images of the heroes of these
paintings - in her beautiful or horrible dreams, in my dreams.

For the artists of this direction is extremely important was the subconscious side of his own creativity.Needless to say, that they lived and worked at one time with Sigmund Freud and his work on the unconscious is in their minds the most lively response.It is clear that to do, is unconscious, can not be.Of course, some of the surrealist painters abused by various psychotropic substances, but usually not at the moment of creation.

So what launched their creative impulse?Perhaps the answer to this question one: a permanent, continuous creative and intellectual fellowship that existed in the twenties in Europe and especially in Paris at the time.As all extremely self-centered, they do need each other.It should always be unconscious, like a vampire, feeding have in reality.In reality, who creates congenial writers, poets, artists and philosophers.


to seize, retain, capture a moment of sleep, fleeting moment, secret fears and izmozhdayuschih, painful desires - this aspiration, the most important task and artistic creativity of artists of the surrealist theme areas.They are conductors between reality and the beyond, become mediators between unspoken thoughts in the air, and those to whom these thoughts are.

Giorgio Chirico, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, Magritte Rene Salvodor Dali, Frida Kahlo, Paul Delvaux, Dorothy Tanning - painting of the twentieth century is unthinkable without the paintings of these artists.Each of them is unique.Incidentally, in this painting surreal contrast to other styles - it can not be banned simply by edinostilie.Only individuality even more pronounced individualism carried to hypertrophy.Maybe that's why surrealism almost did not survive its major artists in the ensuing era of standardization.

But in the twenty-first century there are artists who write in this style.One of the most striking - Michael Parkes, an American living and writing in Switzerland.