Festival "ArchStoyanie" conducted in the Kaluga region, near the village of Nikola-slothful.This area is famous for the fact that there appeared the first settlement of the ancient Slavs.For this reason, it is constantly renewed excavations and conducted scientific work.This village and its surroundings was chosen for the exposition creative personality.The whole area around the village is a kind of open-air museum on the territory of which every six months, new installation artists, landscape designers and architects.In addition, experts offer the latest solutions for the development of land.One of the main ideas of the festival - to implement unique ideas to life, and to take care of the environment.

participate in the festival are all those involved in the architecture, design, sculpture and who is not alien to the natural fate of vacant space.Before you apply, you need to create a project.It is, of course, must be unique.Landscape designer is acquainted with the nature of the terrain on which they will implement their imagination.

Send project to the pre-approval of the commission can be via the Internet.To create it is necessary to use the electronic version of the program Archicard, 3DStudio and 3ds Max.You can send the scanned version of drawings or images.In this case, they will be in the form of components.Or should use industrial scanner.

When the sketch in electronic form will be ready, you need to create a cover letter.It should contain information about the participants and the idea of ​​the project.This message should be sent to the email address specified in the contact information on the website "Archstoyanie."

should wait for some time response (roughly about a week).A lot of players, the Commission should carefully examine the project.If you come to a positive response, it is possible to prepare for the trip.The timing of the next festival will be specified in the written reply.First, you need to get to Moscow.From the capital will be walking buses to Nicola sloth on a schedule drawn up at the event.