All in the Family Thais loved to sing, so little Taya from a young age began to conquer the stage, taking part in the children's ensemble.For the first time a girl got on the present tour in six years when her music teacher took Ty on-site concert.Artistry future stars as manifested in childhood - she loved to dress in Marlene Dietrich, Lyubov Orlova and Marilyn Monroe.

attachment to the old idols Povaliy retains to this day - the style of her concert dresses significantly intertwined with the style of Dietrich and Monroe.

professional stage Taya managed to win eighteen years.She received classical training in conducting and choral department school named after Glier.She intensively studied singing, and all her lo
ved ones, as well as teachers and colleagues doubted the future successful operatic career.However, Thais decided to become a pop singer and started to take part in prestigious international competitions and Soviet, gaining new victories.Povaliy is the proud owner of the title of "Best Singer of Ukraine-1994", "Best Musician of the Year" and "Man of the Year."

Achievements Taisiya Povaliy

talented singer made a lightning career, becoming a well-deserved, and a little later, and People's Artist of Ukraine.Povaliy has a strong voice and a rare with tonal coloring, which it manages with consummate ease and exciting.The bright personality of the singer and her irrepressible nature of constantly pushing Taisiya on various experiments, allowing her to find something new and show her talent on the other side.

According Povaliy, she loves to improvise, as it does each of its exclusive and unique performance.

Povaliy awarded the Order of "St. Nicholas", which is an international prize, awarded for the multiplication of good in the world.At the time, it has been awarded the Order of the world famous Mother Teresa.

Today, the singer devoted himself entirely to the stage and Igor Lihuta beloved husband, who became her encouragement and support in the stormy ocean of show business.The woman confesses that never would have been able to achieve such success without the classical music education and vocal academic school - thanks to this incredible skills of today, it is easy owns diverse singing style - from soft to powerful soulful arias.