film "Anatomy of tATu" was filmed in 2003 by director Vitaly Manske.Immediately after the tape has collected lot of mixed reviews from the Moscow City Duma deputies.Representatives of the authorities did not like them in the film noticed a marijuana cigarette.Deputies also considered unnecessary revelation of Julia Volkova of injecting drug use, which the former member of the duo shared with the audience.The reputation and influence of the film controversial image of the group, as well as an abundance of profanity.

autobiographical film about the tour "Tattoo" in the
United States, scheduled to show in the framework of the "look.Discuss. "However, shortly before the premiere after the law on the protection of children from harmful information, the tape was taken off the air.This upset many of the director and the film's producers, as negotiations with the channel "Culture" took place from the beginning of the summer.

Act to protect children from information that could harm their health and development, shall come into force on 1 September 2012.According to him, screening of films, which can adversely affect the child's mind is transferred to the "adult" time - after 23.00.Ribbon "Anatomy of Tatu" was to go on the air late in the evening, however, the administration of "Culture" has decided to play safe and completely abandoned the film.

Russian viewers still see a film about popular music bands.Learning about the termination of the contract with the "culture", the management of MTV gladly signed a contract with Vitali Manske.According to the general producer of the music channel, he sees no obstacles to the emergence of the film on the air in the evening.In an official press release from MTV «Anatomy Tattoo" appears as a bright and true story of a cult band, filmed one of the best Russian documentary.