hedonistic art

Translated from the French word "Nude" means "naked, naked."In art, the term used to describe the image of nudity.Advantageously, in the paintings made in the nude, there are girls and women.

Niu was not originally an academic studio (ie, work serving as preparatory material or academic pursuits).This genre is purely hedonistic character, "telling" the audience about the ideals of beauty of any age.Nu represents, as a rule, the value of the sensual, earthly life.

appearance of nude occurred at the junction of several genres in the Renaissance.Italian sculptors joined allegory, mythology, history and a normal life, to sculpt the ideal, in their opinion, the "creation" of a female.When c
ontemplating beautiful body born extremely poetic and philosophical associations.However, at this time, this trend has not had its own name.

Niu as a conductor of ideas sexualism

Formation nude in art began only in the 17th century.At this time, the beauty of the female body, sexuality and sensuality are at the peak of popularity.Candid image formed in the nude, openly showed feminine charm.

founders of the genre of nude in the art can be called by Rubens, Rembrandt, Velasquez.The artists did not hesitate to promote blooming beauty, youth and women's charms figure.However, each creator nude reproduce on its own.For Rubens typical Baroque, magnificent style;Velazquez chose to focus on mythological characters;Rembrandt focused on the nude woman in the life, everyday terms.

Popularity nude in art lasted until the second half of the 19th century.In the 18th century, the genre has become more sophisticated, playful, flirtatious.In the 19 th century.Artists have attempted to return to the Renaissance canons of promoting classical ideal of beauty.

However Enlightenment gradually "refused" on the genre of nudes.But the frivolous image will not leave.Moreover, the nude has been gaining not only the visual arts but also literature.During this period, there is the famous Marquis de Sade.Created his novel "120 Days of Sodom" Illustrations impress frank erotic.

Today nude is most common in the art of photography.The beautiful curves of the female body and the play of shadows on the nude appeal to the sensibility of man, admiring it and dragging to the world of sexual fantasies.It should be noted that today in the nude equality reigns: the image can be seen as a female and a male figure.