For all its diversity, modern Latin American dances are divided into two main branches.The first is the classic ballroom and Latin dances: samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, paso doble and jive.
Samba - a rhythmic, fiery dance of passion.He appeared in Brazil, becoming the result of the fusion of African dance with Spanish and Portuguese.
rumba and cha-cha-cha - dancing that originated in Cuba.Rumba - a beautiful dance of love, which is considered fundamental in the Latin American program.Cha-cha-cha - playful "dance flirts" with a
typically Cuban rocking hips.
Paso Doble - the dance of Spanish origin, his story is a reflection of traditional bullfighting.This partner plays the role of a fearless bullfighters and partner - his bright red coat.Many movements borrowed from the famous Spanish pasodoble dance flamenco.
Jive - very energetic, fast and fun dance.He was born in the southeastern United States in the nineteenth century, its creators, according to different versions, according to the Indians or Africans.Individual elements jive borrowed them from the rock 'n' roll.
second, much larger branch up club dance.The most popular of them - mambo, salsa, merengue and bachata.
Queen Club Latino Salsa dancing is considered.She appeared in Cuba in the early twentieth century.Translated from Spanish the name means "sauce".Salsa combines choreographic traditions of different countries of Latin America.Dance is a bit like the rumba, but in a slow and elegant form.
Cuban origin has the mambo.Certain changes in the nature of dance take place in the 40 years of the twentieth century, under the influence of jazz rhythms.Mambo dance not only in pairs, but also solo, and even whole groups.The widespread popularity of the mambo brought the famous film "Dirty Dancing."
Merengue - fast, energetic dance, which arose in the Dominican Republic.Couples dancing to hug him, which gives a very erotic dance character.Another Dominican Dance - Bachata.He is considered the most romantic of the Latin dance club.
in different cities of our country, there are many schools and studios for children and adults, where you can learn the most popular modern Latin American dancing.Classes are not only formed an excellent posture and freedom of movement, but also uplifting, bringing dancers real joy.