Archaeological campaign to search for the remains of "Mona Lisa" was headed by the biographer of the artist Giuseppe Pallanti.In 2007 he published a book in which he claimed that the female model of the "Mona Lisa" was buried in Florence.Recently, it became clear that after the death of her husband, she took the veil and went to the monastery of St. Ursula, where she lived the rest of his days.Lisa Gherardini died in 1542 and was buried near the monastery.It was there and it was decided to search for her remains.

excavations on the territory of an abandoned monastery, archaeologists led by Pallanti started in 2011.Then they had to overcome quite a thick lay
er of concrete placed recently, after the decision was made to build on the site of a former monastery barracks.The hard work has paid off handsomely archaeologists.Overcoming the concrete layer at a depth of one and a half meters, the scientists stumbled upon a crypt in which was found a human skull, as well as fragments of the spine and ribs.Experts conducted a radiocarbon analysis, and found that these remains belong to the 18th century.Consequently, they can not belong to the model of the great artist.Soon the excavations were discontinued due to lack of money.

They resumed in June 2012.Already in July, the team Giuseppe Pallanti at the opening of the next burial in the monastery of St. Ursula were found well-preserved skeleton, which is likely belongs to Lisa del Giocondo.To say this unequivocally, it is necessary to wait for the verdict of the professionals who should carefully study the skeleton and test its age.

all the necessary research to be carried out the University of Bologna.In particular, the scientists plan to do genetic analysis: they are going to compare the DNA with the DNA found skeletal remains of two children of Lisa del Giocondo.Where are they buried, it is known exactly.Children "Mona Lisa" buried in the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata.In 2011, their remains were exhumed for the taking of DNA.

excavations in the monastery of St. Ursula should be completed in September.On examination it will take approximately four months.The final results will be known only to the beginning of 2013.Scientists also plan to hold the skull physiognomic facial reconstruction "Mona Lisa" and check a portrait likeness.Perhaps in the simulation will be able to solve the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile.