Museum of cribs in Novosibirsk

the Novosibirsk Museum of cribs contain several hundred copies.The city is known for its universities, institutes and other educational institutions, and a collection of cribs helped replenish virtually all institutions.Here you can see the most ingenious and sophisticated methods of applying the formulas on different subjects in the hope to pass the coveted exam or offset.

The museum is based in the territory of cribs student bar, which is called "crib."There is a crib in the form of women's earrings, cribs on the inside rim of hair and even a crib for juice on a stick!All exhibits are divided into universities and sex of students who created them, for example, refers to
the woman's lipstick, but the scribbled phone inside - to male cribs.There is also the classic "unisex" options, for example, covered with formulas and pen line.

Today, most students prefer to keep the information on your smartphone, so interesting specimens are becoming increasingly rare, but once the ingenuity in creating cribs students was inexhaustible.

City is known for its student and educational monuments, in addition to the museum of cribs in Novosibirsk planned to erect a monument to freebies to bring about that you need for the student to legend, lean out of the window with the record book, three times shout "Free services, come!", Then quickly shut zachetkuand put in the freezer to not run away freebies.There are other ways to encourage free.The monument is planned to be in the form of an open palm, for which the students might stay to get good luck.

cribs Museum in Nuremberg

Nuremberg Museum of cribs, too, have something to brag about.Some of the exhibits are quite old, for example, there is a crib set up Wilfried Reuter in 1956 at the time the boy was 16 years old.This watch, which is embedded in a roll, and their mechanism of enhanced so that you can rewind the roll without disassembling the device itself.

founded the Museum of cribs Hessenauer Gunter, professor of mathematics.It is not surprising, because it is in mathematics and related disciplines, students often made cribs.

in Nuremberg Museum exhibits sent from all over Germany.The museum even has a crib, written in invisible ink: the information revealed, it is necessary to dedicate a special device.Museum - one of the largest in the world, has at its disposal several thousand copies of the cribs.