Despite the reluctance of the young Alexander to learn to dance (he wanted to be a soldier, like his father), his mother, Lidia, gave it in 1958 in Riga Ballet School.The family just moved from Sakhalin to Riga after his parents divorced.Education choreography determined the career of Alexander Godunov.

career path

artist graduated from Ballet School in 1967.Until 1971, he danced in the State choreographic ensemble "Classical Ballet" (directed by Igor Moiseyev).And in 1971, Alexander goes to the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater, which takes a lot of roles in the brightest famous ballet productions, including "Swan Lake" (Tchaikovsky), "Anna Karenina" (R. Shchedrin), "Chopiniana" (Chopin), "Don Quixote" (L. Minkus), "illumination" (Pahmutowa), "Giselle" (Adolphe Adam), "Ivan the Terrible" (Prokofiev), "La Bayadere" (L. Mi
nkus)"Romeo and Juliet" (Prokofiev), etc.

During the tour of the Bolshoi Theatre in New York in August 1979, Alexander refers to the American authorities to grant political asylum.Soviet authorities sent his wife Lyudmila Vlasova - she also danced in the company - on a plane to Moscow, but the US authorities have detained a plane just before take-off, requiring proof of the voluntary return of Vlasova with the Soviet Union.After this incident involved state leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Jimmy Carter, the aircraft was allowed to fly to Moscow.
after the events of August 1979 for the film "Flight 222", but the ballet dancers in the film are replaced by the athletes.

During the year Godunov unsuccessfully sought the return of his wife.Divorce couple was issued in 1982.In the same year, was not renewed the contract with the American Ballet Theatre because of disagreements with Mikhail Baryshnikov (the head of the troupe).

Long time Alexander Borisovich spoke with his own troupe and toured as a guest star on the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Japan and Australia.In 1985, the artist left the ballet and returned to started in the USSR career actor: participated in the filming of "Witness" (1985), "Money Pit" (1986), "Die Hard" (1988), "Wax Museum2: Lost in Time "(1992)," Zone "(1995).
For seven years, Alexander Godunov maintained a close relationship with actress Jacqueline Bisset.

mysterious death

circumstances of the death of Alexander Godunov still raises many questions.May 18, 1995 Friends of Alexander noticed the absence of phone calls from the artist, which was highly unusual for him.A nurse, sent to his home in California, found a 45-year-old Alexander dead.According to the official version of the death was due to a "mixture" of alcohol and chronic hepatitis, but the examination found no signs of drugs or alcohol in the blood of the deceased.

Alexander Godunov ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean, the memorial is located in Los Angeles.