Russia on "Eurovision" 2012 will present a little-known to the general public of the musical group "Buranovskie grandmother."Nevertheless, it has a rich history.It was created in the seventies as a folk band playing the song in the Udmurt language.A few years before the "Eurovision 2012" team included in the repertoire of songs of famous artists of Russia and other countries in the Udmurt language in a specific musical treatment.The peculiarity of this ensemble is also at the age of performers.Most often in European competition involved young singers, and the age of the majority of Russian performers of the ensemble more than 70 years.This team twice participated in the qualifying competition to represent Russia at a music festival.The second time, their p
articipation was successful.Performers will defend the honor of Russia at "Eurovision" with the song ¬ęParty for Everybody¬Ľ.
Together with the Russian ensemble in the first semifinal of "Eurovision" will act as the representative of Latvia with the stage name Anmar.Her real name - Linda Amantova, in various interviews, she talked about his Russian origin.
Most artists have chosen the English language for their songs.However, there are exceptions.The representative of Albania Rona Nishliu will sing in their native language.Breakfast has chosen for its composition singer Pernilla Karlsson, representing the country of the same name.Also, traditionally in the national language will sing the representative of Portugal Philip Sozo.And the Austrian duo Trackshittaz and does decided to sing a song in the Bavarian dialect.
from the host country of the "Eurovision" Sabina Babayeva will perform.Earlier, she had tried to get to the contest, but failed at the national qualifying round.Prior to that, she participated in other vocal competitions, and performed the song, which will be the soundtrack to the series known in Azerbaijan.