first experiments in the field of op art were conducted in the late 19th century.Then they had no relation to art and had the character of a scientific experiment aimed at studying the characteristics of human vision.Professor Thompson from Germany managed to create the illusion of movement using static black and white circle.

emergence of art op art

op art becomes art in the second half of the 20th century.Its founder is Victor Vazarelli.The widespread popularity of op-art exhibition brought under the significant title "sensitive eyes", which was held in 1965 in New York.

creating their works, the master of Op Art turned not to the senses, and to the mind of man.The fact that they have created images are formed not only and not so much on the canvas or sheet of paper, but in the viewer's head.T
hanks to an optical illusion, flat shapes are bulky and moving.

Perception of optical illusions

main task of op-art - to fool the human eye, causing it to be non-existent images.Visual illusions occur in the image due to the introduction of rhythmic repetition, color contrasts, writhing and spiraling lines.All that allegedly saw a man actually exists only in his feelings as a result of a failure arising in the work of the visual apparatus.

works of artists op-art have no relationship to the images of the world.However, they are endowed with a truly hypnotic appeal that attracts the attention of viewers.Art Op Art opens a special expressive geometric figure, able to turn the perception of reality.

When creating his works of artists op-art is often used not only brushes and paints, but complex mechanisms, lenses and mirrors.As a result, they created images continuously move and pulsate, causing people a visual shock.A particularly powerful effect on the viewer different work, have the ability to shine and reflect light.As a result, visitors to the event, which exhibited similar works, even fainted.

After the first exhibition of op-art skeptical critics predicted its quick death.However has passed about 50 years, and optical illusions are still popular and again intrigue his fans by developing capabilities of this unique destination.