should be noted that the Baroque and Renaissance, as it were opposed to each other, so often considered beautiful baroque ideal know what vehemently opposed renaissance.For Baroque inherent tension, the contrast, the desire for greatness and splendor, dynamic way, the combination of illusion and reality.As part of the Baroque many genres merge into one and the same time, strive for autonomy.In the Baroque period a person has lost sense of self "sentient beings", typical of the Renaissance, on the contrary, he became a permanent presence of doubt in his mind.
Baroque art reflects the crisis the concept of the person and the world.Typical baroque characters - jaded skeptics or vice versa exalted martyrs.All the art of the Baroque era permeated with doubts
about the possibility of man, piercing sense of the futility of life and the realization of the inevitable defeat of the good.
baroque painting is characterized by an unusual story, aristocratic, sharp dynamic compositions.These features contrast sharply with the quiet confidence of Renaissance painting.
Baroque artists were pioneers methods of spatial interpretation of form, made the audience almost a full participant in the events depicted in the paintings.Baroque viewer does not oppose the heroes of paintings, draws it into the event, helped by hyper-realistic images of people and objects.The main features of Baroque can be called dynamic and flamboyance.Prominent representatives of this style are Caravaggio and Rubens.
Michelangelo Merisi, who was at the place of his birth was called Caravaggio, the master is considered to be the most significant among the Italians the end of the sixteenth century.In fact, he was one of the founders of the new style of painting.His paintings on religious subjects are different going wild naturalism.Caravaggio often wrote of his heroes in the shadows, skillfully using light beams that snatched gestures of the characters, emphasizing their character and nature.Many students of Caravaggio in his work continued to master the line, forming a completely new and unusual approach to painting.
Peter Paul Rubens in the early seventeenth century, he studied in Italy.It was there that he adopted Caravaggio's style of writing and his disciples.In his works he combined the strengths of the schools most of North and South, connecting in the paintings of fantasy, illusion and reality, spirituality, intelligence and learning.Rubens wrote mostly multi grandiose composition, rich colors and different forms of expression.His art is completely earthly, dynamic, lively, expressing the beauty of the Baroque.