Harp with its delicate, transparent sound is one of the oldest musical instruments invented by man.The origin of the harp is associated with a hunting bow, which produced melodic sounds when pulling the string.Using the harp as an accompaniment typical of the civilizations of the ancient East, ancient Greece and ancient Rome.In the Middle Ages harps played Irish bards, performing under it his saga.
Harp referred to stringed musical instruments.It is part of a group of extra tools symphony orchestra and is considered a single, although some pieces are designed for two, three and even six harps.Although the harp is optional instrument in the orchestra, quite often it is included in the composition to impart to the product a special magic tone.While playing in a symphony orchestra harpists are located on th
e left side of the conductor.
Appearance harp adds to its wonderful sound.With her beauty can hardly compare to other instruments Symphony Orchestra.Metal frame harp made in the form of fine triangle, it is often decorated with carved and covered with gold paint.Its lower part consists of a resonance-box housing a length of 1 meter, which widens towards the bottom.The upper part is a large curved neck, which is fastened to the pegs for adjusting the tension of the strings.The upper and lower parts converge and form an acute angle.Front beam column has a resistance force which produce stretched strings.At 47-48 frame pull strings of different lengths and thicknesses.
The normal position on the harp you can play only one range.To expand the audible range for the historical development of tools to use different methods.But the most convenient proved to pedal, invented in 1720.And today is the possibility of a harp virtuoso: Harper perfectly work out the broad chords, harmonics, passages of arpeggios, glissandos.
Harp assigned the role of creating a colorful, vibrant atmosphere, the sense of wonder.It often accompanies solo musical instruments.But often she herself commit spectacular solo.These are can be regarded as a party of two harps in the "Symphonie Fantastique" by Berlioz.Before the composer used the harp in the orchestra to simulate the sound of the lute, guitar and harpsichord.Later, this tool could often be heard in the works of Tchaikovsky, Glazunov and Rimsky-Korsakov, Wagner and Liszt.