June 25, 2009 the world is literally shaken by the news that he died the King of Pop Michael Jackson.Hundreds of fans gathered in the squares and organized flash mobs, the family is significant to understand, who would get the money and the children of the singer, pathologists determined the cause of death, and a grand concert tour organizers were deciding what to do next.After pop idol gone to another world just before the start of their huge farewell tour, which promises to be one of the most memorable events in the world of show business.And precisely because of this in the ranks of mourners began to be heard more and more often the assumption is that M
ichael is alive ....

Why a version that Michael is alive

Talk about what The King of Pop is alive, come on, when the first shock has passed, and people began to analyze the situation soberly.It's no secret that in recent years has become a pop idol almost beggars.Its debt millions of dollars.And precisely in order to remedy the situation, Michael Jackson agreed to a complex show - "That's all", which was to be the final stage of his live performances.
According to the cashiers at the farewell tour of Michael Jackson has sold tickets worth about $ 85 million.This is a huge fee, which could significantly improve the financial position of the King of Pop.

Total planned to spend 50 full concerts with a difference between each of them just a few days.This pop singer himself did not differ iron health.Critics have repeatedly talked of his passion for banned drugs.And various manipulations with the skin and the figure could not go in vain.In general, though, the condition of the artist, to hold such an event practically meant suicide.

According to the official conclusion of physicians, to support themselves in working condition, the singer took tranquilizers and other supporting products.The attending physician pop star insisted that the singer could not sleep at night so took quite serious and strong tranquilizers.

a result of nervous strain and receive a combination of incompatible medications, and even in large quantities, there has come death of the King of Pop exactly a couple of weeks before the start of a grand tour that Michael could not survive becauseIt was severely physically and mentally exhausted.

Where did the rumors that Jackson's death - a scam

The financial situation of the King of Pop has left much to be desired.This fact is recognized by all economists who have studied the documents of the singer after his death and analyzed its revenues and expenses for the past few years.

His death made it possible to resolve these difficulties.After all, according to official data within a few hours after the death of Michael's sale of his albums soared.Its popularity and almost classic album «Thriller» became a leader of the rating iTunes.All the other albums have risen and entered the hits top 40 records.CD sales June 26, 2009 increased by 721 times, with the result that the King of Pop topped the rating of the richest deceased stars.

official version of death is this: Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol - a substance which has a sedative effect.

Michael Jackson's death was the event of the century.Interest in the already extinct star has grown enormously.That is why there were versions that he is alive and simply disappeared from the eyes of his fans and admirers.In addition, shortly before the death of the singer his manager dropped a phrase that no round is not - on the eve of Michael mysteriously disappears.

in favor of this theory say and observation of fans who have repeatedly seen Jackson to move behind the police.Popular frame, where the singer is in the ambulance to the incubation tube, all was an old - it did back in 2007, when Michael has once again revived.

also been made a video in which you can see how people like Michael Jackson, out of the doors of the hospital itself, where for some time before it was delivered to the lifeless body of the actor.

fans also noted with surprise at the rehearsals that Michael moved as a young boy.This is despite the fact that he was deeply tired and exhausted man.So many are still waiting for his resurrection and hope that will again be able to hear their idol live.