I think almost the whole world heard about the scandalous antics of American singer Miley Cyrus.Who simulated anal sex right during the performance of his hit "We Can not Stop" to award "MTV VMA"?Who flew completely naked on the ball in his music video?Who travels the world with a scandalous world tour "Bangerz 2014"?Who is one of the most talked about artists this year?Yes, this is it, Miley Cyrus .

Actress and singer began her career at an early age with the famous Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana," which starred girl pop star.Its first album, even in the form of Hannah, a great success, but then Miss Cyrus began to grow dramatically.Every year on the Miley fans noticed less and less clothing, and in 2013 it also added another punk hairstyle.Releasin

g the controversial album "Bangerz", Miley has added itself in popularity around the world, and its singles became hits in the (call, for example, "Wrecking Ball").

But it is not difficult to guess that because of the outrageous antics (TWERKING or smoking marijuana, for example), and costumes that resemble underwear, this person a huge number of enemies and haters.People call her "slut", "a girl of easy virtue", which is too "grown" and become simply crazy.The very same Miley says that it has become such a long wanted but could not afford because of the influence of the Disney Channel, which built its image of "good girl."In each interview, she said that the most important thing - to do what you want and be what you are, what makes many teenage fans to do all kinds of strange, "bold" things (young girl sticks her tongue out on photos or exposed,behave too relaxed, only to imitate their idol - Miley Cyrus)

Daily Miley gets into a variety of ratings: something for their unique vocal, over the non-standard behavior, her songs are successfully sold all over the world, getting three or fourplatinum status in different countries.But what qualities instills Cyrus the younger generation: the ability to be themselves and get rid of complexes, or fashion to behave provocatively, unsuitable for a decent man?It is a moot point.