visit the exhibition "The genius of da Vinci," which takes place in Moscow from March 1 to July 1, 2012.The venue of the exhibition was the art center "Vetoshny" (Vetoshny lane, 13).Works Center seven days a week from 10 to 21 pm (ticket office up to 20 hours).Ticket price for adults is 400 rubles for children and students - 200 rubles, preschoolers are free.By prior arrangement, you can book a tour for organized groups.In the exhibition hall, you can buy souvenirs, albums with works by da Vinci.There is a small cafe, where on the big screen show movi
es about the life of the great master.
At the exhibition you will be introduced to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, who recreated in his pictures and drawings.All inventions made in full size and as close as possible to the original.For example, in the lobby, you will meet a prototype of the modern tank, though quite small.But the future helicopter impresses with its size and concept.There you can look at the first bike, a parachute, a drawbridge and so forth.
Connoisseurs of "Mona Lisa" will be able to see more copy of the picture.The whole exhibition hall put on clues mysterious Mona Lisa.There you can see pictures of the infrared picture, which is very accurately conveys the true colors of paints;its downside;enlarged fragments of cloth.In addition to the "Mona Lisa" in the Hall presented copies of paintings "The Last Supper", "Virgin of the Rocks," sketches of diagrams and drawings.
If the "Mona Lisa" so impressed with you that you want to see it in the original, go to Paris.The Louvre hanging original paintings.But note that in high season wanting to see the picture so much that you have to defend in the first place many hours Louvre itself, and then to the picture.Browse the web is very carefully is very difficult - a picture of a small size (77 by 53 cm) hanging behind the glass close to her and not let security.And the time to look around, you will have only a few seconds.