Writing Style

Before embarking on the creation of the poem, it is worth considering what style it is written.It may be elegiac regret about the impossibility of such feelings as love.Perhaps the poem is full of irony and ridicule those who "believe in love", even though their faith has no basis, and the feelings that they have, and love can not be called something?From the author's general attitude depends on the further choice of the form of the poem, and, of course, its content.

form poem

You can refer to the classical form of poetry and clothe their thoughts in rhymed lines.As a rule, the most commonly used bilobate or ternary meter poetry.

By bilobate (consisting of 2 syllables) dimensions are:

- Khorey (accent on the first syllable):
«Through the wavy fog sneaks
the sad glades
pours sad light it." (Pushkin)

- Iamb (accent on the second syllable):
«I know - the city will,
I know - garden will bloom,
When such people in the country Soviet
there." (Mayakovsky)

For ternary (consisting of 3 syllables) include:

- Dactyl (accent on the first syllable, the next 2 - unstressed):
«glorious autumn!Healthy, vigorous!
air force invigorates tired;
fragile ice on the river Like icy
like melting sugar is. "(NA Nekrasov)

- Amphibrachiy (accent on 2 syllable, 1 and 3 syllables - unstressed):
« Once in ice cold winter time
I'm out of the woodscame out;was bitter cold,
I look, rises slowly up the hill
Horse pulling a cart twigs. "(NA Nekrasov)

- anapaest (accent on 3 syllable, the first two syllables - unstressed)
« I will not tell you anything,
I'm not at all alarmed,
And what I keep telling silence,
not make up my mind for anything to hint. "(Fet)

If difficulties with the rhyme I want to avoid, you can choose and more free-form, does not requirerhyming lines:

- White verse in the present form of meter, but no rhyme:
«All say: there is no truth on earth.
But there is no truth above.For me
So it is clear as any simple scale.
I was born with a love of art ... "(Pushkin)

- Free verse - the most free form of verse, which is not observed rhythmic patterns and rhymes are not present:
« I like a lot, close to the heart, only rarely
I love ...
Most often I am pleased to glide across the bay -
So - forgetting
under the sonorous measure of the oars,
-soaked foam effervescent -
Yes, look a lot l rode
And many l left,
Do not see any lightning ... "(A.Fet)

- a prose poem - an intermediate "stage" between poetic and prosaic speech.We can say that the form is prose, but by the content - poems, for example:
"Blue mountains of the Caucasus, I welcome you! You cherished my childhood, you wore me on his wild ridges, clouds I have put you to the sky I was taught, andI have since then all I dream about you but the sky. Thrones nature, from which the smoke fly thunder clouds, who visits only the tops of your Creator and prayed, he despises life, although at the moment he is proud of it! .. "(M.Lermontov)

person not versed in versification, is better to start with a more free forms - prose poems or blank verse, and more experienced poet not a sin to experiment with rhymes.It should only remember that the size bilobate perceived as more "dynamic", especially with regard to the iambic, and ternary - like a "slow" and "lyrical".

Content poem

dealt with a form, you can go to the content.Here it is difficult to advise: the content is entirely dependent on the author's imagination and his own understanding of the problem.You can only give a few general recommendations.

- a good idea to determine what the lyrical hero of the poem understands love.This is a complex and multi-dimensional feeling and understanding of love different people differently.

- can be described in a poem, on which is based the conviction that there is no love, give arguments, examples to support this statement.

- What is the attitude to the fact the lack of love from lyrical?Perhaps he is suffering and sad about this?Or maybe he's just glad?

In any case, remember that the poem - is, first of all, a method of transmitting the author of their live feelings, emotions and experiences.And no "cut" in the form of a clear size of the original and precise rhymes do not replace them.