Many can not come to terms with the fact that great artists in the vast majority - men.Some were simply surprised by this paradox, the other (mostly representatives of the fair half of mankind), even offended.But this coincidence is a historical and psychological explanations.

Historical factors

should start with the fact that women have equal rights with men, and the freedom to engage in creative work recently.Since ancient times, the main function of the female was taking care of home and family.While he is writing his masterpieces by Sandro Botticelli, and even in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When Marc Chagall learned the depth of Art in Paris, the women stayed at home, do the housework and did not think about the world of fame.

In some institutions involved in the preparation of artists and women today are reluctant to take, though in small private art schools, their number prevails.However, achieving freely to create, in the 20-21 centuries, women, artistic education, in most cases, are graphic designers or teachers of fine art, with the development of his talent very little time.

Psychological features

Women and men differ significantly psyche.Men thought fit to break, overcome, opening a new one.Women's nature, despite the apparent variability at all times seeks to maintain harmony and stability.Perhaps this is why artists and men open up new horizons and styles, it is known as female painters are followed using a well-worn path.

Also features of perception of women is often quite different priorities.If a family man - albeit an important, but not the basic element of life, a woman, even an exceptionally talented, able to move away from the art if family life takes a lot of effort.Creativity is not a priority for her, as nature has fundamentally different functions.

additional important difference is that, according to psychologists, men are more developed abstract thinking.The percentage of geniuses (as a percentage of mentally retarded) among representatives of the stronger sex are much higher, whereas women are more stable.The combination of evolutionary and historical factors and makes the discoverers of the men seeking to prove to the world their exclusivity, which provokes persistent development in a certain direction, making them then great artists, musicians and scientists.