Iron Arnie and Rocky Balboa

Bronze 6-foot copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger was established in Austria.The basis of the monument to lay down sketches of the artist Ralph Crawford, which were created in 1979.It's not only a pedestal in honor of the Iron Arnie, a modest copy of muscular young terminator has a height of 2.5 meters and a weight of 260 kg.

own articles sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg ordered Sylvester Stallone.Since 1982 a bronze copy of Rocky Balboa steps adorns the Museum of Art in Philadelphia and rightly ranks among the city's attractions.

Woody Allen and Henry Winkler

Residents of the Spanish town of Oviedo Woody Allen presented his bronze statue.Legendary director himself was a gift surprised and still considers hi
m "the secret of Western civilization."Two years after the present Kaliningrad Woody Allen asked for permission to install another monument.

in Milwaukee in 2008, was a statue in honor of actor Henry Winkler.Such popularity he deserved because of his character in the series "Happy Days."Sculptor Gerald Sawyer in creating masterpieces engraved name of the actor and his wife on the arm of the statue, which inadvertently generates an analogy with David in Italy.

ambiguous Bob Marley

Bob Marley with a monument with serious collision occurred.Even before the creation of the installation of the sculptor Christopher Gonzalez provoked outrage relatives and fans of the star.The thing is that on the monument of reggae star appeared symbolic of the roots of the tree.Opening of the monument finished zakidyvaniem 2.7-meter statue of fruit.As a result, the bronze Marley was moved from the capital to the city of Kingston, Jamaica, Ocho Rios, and he was replaced by a statue installed Alvin Marriott.

From TV Land with love ...

own articles opened and Andy Griffith - replaceable host and author of the idea of ​​"The Andy Griffith Show."On the monument depicts the actor in the role of Sheriff Andy Taylor.All costs for the installation of the monument took over the broadcaster TV Land.To honor the memory of the legendary comedian can be in Raleigh, North Carolina.A copy of the monument is located in the neighboring town of Mount Airy.

«Mary Tyler Moore Show" begins with, like Mary Richards threw his hat in the air and the camera freezes for her smile.TV Land Company decided to capture the moment and ordered a 2.5-meter statue of Moore.The authorship of the sculptor of the monument belongs to Gwendolyn Gillen.And the monument is located in the homeland of fictional Mary Richards - in Minneapolis.