Day of memory of Michael Jackson held June 25 - on this day in 2009, he lost consciousness and 14.26 local time, died.Every year, fans of his talent carried out in honor of the famous singer's shares, flash mobs and demonstrations.

In the homeland of the singer every year for all fans of swing open the door of the house where he grew up.Jackson family lived until 1969 in Gary, Illinois, where anyone can go, and completely free.Michael Jackson fans are taking part in a public ceremony and lit a memorial candle in honor of the beloved idol.

For fans held helicopter tour of the famous estate "Neverland", which the singer was forced to abandon during the life due to financial difficulties.Great tour of the ranch's zoo lasts for half an hour, snapping up tickets for her long before the day of.

Russian fans on the day of memory
of Jackson bring flowers, balloons, candles to the US Embassy in the city.On the wall of memory installed his pictures on billboards played clips.In the cities, have organized fan clubs of Michael Jackson, rallies and flash mobs.For example, fans of Krasnodar released balloons into the sky, and the fans in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, one of the anniversaries of zombies marched dancing cult dance Jackson song "Thriller."

Often a day in memory of Michael Jackson in the US and other countries famous singers and groups organize charity concerts, the profits from which the funds are transferred to the sick and needy children.To care for children is also organized auctions, fundraising and sales.

Michael Jackson created a music that allows everyone to find hope, despite external factors and circumstances.He attached great importance of charity, his help children in Africa, and hot spots of the world was more than $ 300 million.So the best way to honor the memory of the singer - to find a shred of compassion and help those in need.