According to the television channel CNN referring to the state prosecutor's office, valuable Matisse painting was stolen from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, in 2002.Since then, the fate of the painting was not aware of any law enforcement authorities or art historians.

However, the loss cost three million dollars surfaced in July 2012.46-year-old Pedro Antonio Guzman Markell, a resident of Miami, and 50-year-old Maria Elisa Ornelas Lazo March, originally from Mexico, were seized by security forces while trying to sell the painting "Odalisque in red trousers" for only 740,000 dollars.This would-be sellers do not even hide the fact that Matisse was stolen.Buy "Odalisque" is caused by the FBI, and they arrested the attackers.Especially for a meeting with the "buyers" suspect
s from Mexico arrived in Miami.During the negotiations on price and the transaction is completed and they were arrested.

The detainees are accused of possession of stolen works of art and its transportation.If the court finds guilty man and woman, couple face up to 10 years in prison.

now the Venezuelan government is concerned about the speedy return of the masterpiece by Henri Matisse in Caracas.The authorities made a request to the FBI to obtain official confirmation that the "Odalisque" was found.

Lost painting "Odalisque in red trousers", written by Matisse in 1925, with a rather strange circumstances.Initially painting was stored in the Gallery of Arts in New York.In 1981 the painting was transported to Venezuela and resell Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas.There it stayed there for a long time.Loss of the exhibit revealed in 2003, when the museum's experts found that instead of the original for a year in the exhibition hall hangs a fake.