Today paintings of Andy Warhol are among the most expensive works of art, they are sold for tens of millions of dollars, the best museums of the world tend to have them in their collections.It is interesting that the objects of the image of the artist were often the most banal things.
first known young artist brought advertising shoe company, in which he depicted shoes with painted blots.But the real success came to him through the movie "Green Coke bottle."Depicting the famous brand advertising, the artist has managed to combine his work in contemporary art and culture of consumption that prevailed in a mass society.
His best work Andy Warhol saw the painting "Bank soup" Campbell ".It all started with a s
ingle image, then there was a whole series of works where the image of the popular brands of soup repeated 32 to 200 times.His love for permanent reproduction of such objects the artist explained that prefers to work with what he likes.He really loved the soup "Campbell" and eat them straight from the jar.After the death of the artist's painting, in which he reproduced a large jar opener, was sold for 24 million dollars.
Warhol turned his attention to a familiar and undeniably popular among the masses a thing as a one-dollar bill.Today, his work is "192 dollar bills" estimated at more than $ 40 million.
However, the artist depicts not only money and food.One of the main themes of his work has become a way of idols of pop culture, among them - Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison.However, the greatest fame was his "Marilyn Diptych", created in the year of death of the actress.The picture contains a lot of black and white images of Marilyn adjacent to roughly painted.So in a strange way shows the image of Warhol's death, pursued a movie star.Now the picture is in the Tate Gallery in London, along with the works of recognized classics of world art.
Among Warhol's favorite characters were the world-famous politicians.One of his recent works is called "Red Lenin".Until recently, the paintings are in private collections of Boris Berezovsky.After the destruction of the oligarch had to sell it.The picture was bought another collector, paid nearly 170 thousand dollars.