Brazil surprised the inhabitants of the planet variety of colorful and very rhythmic dances.The wealth of beautiful music, beautiful dancers in bright costumes, representatives of special schools and their partners are able to show the audience the fascinating shows.The most popular Brazilian dance is samba, capoeira, Ashe, lambada, funk.

main carnival rhythms

each year in Rio de Janeiro held a five-day carnival, which has become a popular holiday Brazilians and all lovers of dance from other countries.Central to the carnival samba is a dance marathon.Even the central area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, gathering participants and spectators of a carnival show, called "Sambadrome".Professional judge in the Sambadrome choose the best Brazilian dance school.

most popular Brazilian rhythm incendiary samba is all year round and not only during the carnival.The appearance of the famous dance served as slaves from the Congo and Angola, brought to the territory of Brazil in the 16 th century.Negro dance moves with names Batukov, embolda, katerete Europeans seemed obscene, because during the execution of their partners touch the bodies.

By simple figures dancing Negro slaves increased rocking and rotating bodies - so that in the first half of the 19th century, there was a dance in rhythmic movements.And with the addition of carnival steps a little later came a Brazilian dance called "mezemba" then became "Sambo."

European popularity to the circular dance with the steps came in the early 20th century, after the show in Paris, it even became known as a South American waltz.Modified samba rhythms formed the well-known to everyone "lambada" and "Macarena."

very important, performing dance, stand the true nature of the samba, otherwise he will lose a lot.The rhythmic movement of hips, fun flirting partners together form the basis of transmitting a lot of emotion dance.


emergence of capoeira is explained in different ways.The most common opinion is that he once came to Brazil from imported Negroes of Angola as a battle dance-fight young men.There is a version that capoeira originated in the pleasure quarters of slaves representatives of different nationalities and cultures, where they sometimes spend their leisure time.Perhaps the dance was born in the settlements of escaped slaves and was formed as a martial art.

The owners of slaves put a ban on expression of the culture of Africans.Capoeira gave blacks a sense of confidence and cohesion, adds agility true fighters.After slavery was abolished in the late 19th century Brazilian Constitution forbade it.Masters of this martial art, tries to maintain ancient traditions, gathered secretly.Then capoeira gained popularity in many people.After the military coup of 1930 a manifestation of popular culture is no longer persecuted.Masters of this art to give preference to different directions Capoeira Martial or traditional, based on rituals and games.

There is another interesting opinion about the origin of this Brazilian dance: the word "capoeira" is considered a relative "cock."The style of dance is like a fight between the birds.Indeed, the modern Brazilian capoeira martial art is very close: in the center of the circle of dancing couples turn organize a dance-contest.