history of the "Eurovision" began with the creation of the European Broadcasting Union in 1950.It brought together more than twenty countries of Western Europe.By 2011, it includes 79 countries, including Russia (namely - "Channel", "Russia" and "Mayak").Members of the European Broadcasting Union it was decided to create a show that will in the future have contributed to the unification of Europe in cultural terms.That is exactly what occurred "Eurovision".
The first competition was held in 1956, and he held in Switzerland (Lugano).The participants were representatives of the first show itself in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and four other European countries.Gradually, the number of artists who wanted to participate in the competition, has grown so that their performances simply
do not fit in a reasonable amount of hours provided for the show.It was then that the Union decided to suspend countries that showed the worst results for several years.
«Eurovision» is gaining momentum with each passing year, the participants were becoming more professional and interesting musically.The attractiveness of the contest for the audience is that they choose the representative of his country and put forward to participate.In addition, the product presented to the jury and spectators around the world, it must be new and must not be issued until the first of October this year on a commercial basis.
Gradually, the "Eurovision" has become a launching pad for the careers of many successful artists.So, in 1974, the winner was the team from Sweden called ABBA, who later conquered the world with their hits.
the first time Russia has participated in the contest only in 1994, but success is achieved only in 2000, when at the "Eurovision" acted as singer Alsu, which was the first Russian artists presented a song in Russian and in English.Her Solo took second place (before it became a best result of ninth).After that, the results of the Russians were not up to par, but in 2003 the group "Tatu" is still ranked third.
Triumph Russia on "Eurovision" started in 2006, when it became a representative Dima Bilan.For his song Never let you go, he became the second.He repeated his attempt in 2008, and this time was the first song Believe.Victory undoubtedly contributed to the show, which was attended by people world-famous: figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and violinist Edwan Marton, appearing on stage during the performance Bilan.