The world famous painter Vincent Van Gogh lived a short but very bright life.He was bezvesten during his life and become a true legend of the death of art.Van Gogh did not get a formal artistic education, but thanks to his gift was able to create genuine masterpieces of painting, which became artistic heritage and is decorated with a collection of famous museums and galleries around the world.

Perhaps the creative legacy of Van Gogh painting will soon be added "Landscape with peonies."The canvas belongs to the Cologne art collector Markus Rubroksu.In 1977 he discovered the painting in the attic of his father's house, received the legacy.

pictures Owner believes that the painting is dated 1889 y
ear.Van Gogh painted "Landscape with peonies" just a year before his tragic death.Independent experts have confirmed the version of Marcus Rubroksa, but experts in Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum in no hurry to agree with them.They argue that the technique of writing web does not match the style of Van Gogh, and the picture is not nothing but a clever fake.

During restoration "Landscape with peonies" Esther Monnik pulled hair, which was under deep layers of paint.Hair length 8 cm, red in color.Restorer confident that he belongs to an artist painting.Now there is a unique opportunity to carry out genetic examination to find out the authenticity of the landscape.

help establish the authorship of paintings DNA analysis.According to The Daily Telegraph, experts compared the DNA found on the web of hair and DNA living descendants of Vincent Van Gogh.

If genetic examination confirmed the affiliation "Landscape with peonies" painted by Van Gogh, the cost picture will almost double and will exceed $ 60 million. The painting is estimated at $ 39 million.