gold ring on the Internet.

acquainted with the main sights of the Golden Ring of Russia can now, without leaving home.Enough to have a laptop and an internet connection.Panorama Golden Ring is, for example to "Yandex.Maps".Of course, there is not yet collected all the attractions, but the project is likely to evolve over time, and users will be able to fully enjoy the temples of Yaroslavl, Moscow, Kostroma regions.Now to "Yandex.Maps" there is a panorama of the Vladimir region attractions: Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Dmitrievsky Cathedral and Golden Gate.On "Yandex.Maps" you can see the panorama of other cities of the Golden Ring: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Rybinsk, Sergiyev Posad and other attractions but especially in these panoramas are not captured.

Spherical panorama Golden Ring of Rus
sia you will find on the site "Around the World".Also, unfortunately, not all cities.But most of the attractions on this resource you can find.For example, there is the Kremlin of Suzdal (Archbishop's Chambers, Cathedral of the Nativity, the wooden St. Nicholas Church), the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry in Uglich. Not long ago, even in the "Yandex.Maps" absolutely impossible to find a panorama of the Golden Ring cities.It is hoped that in the near future there will absolutely all kinds of attractions of the route.

These same spherical panorama, there are other sites in RuNet.For example, the same images are available on the resource "site for the curious."

Golden Ring in guidebooks

see a panorama of the Golden Ring can be on the pages of travel guides.There are books devoted exclusively to this route.There are collections, which is paid to a variety of attractions Russia.Among others, of course, it is a place for the Golden Ring. book "Calendar travel to Russia" contains several tourist destinations of the Golden Ring.There you will find images of interest.

gold ring with my own eyes.

No pan is not fully give the real beauty of the area.So if you really want to understand what is so good tourist route, go to the road and visit at least a couple of cities.The living do not have to zoom in or out.Here, all in full size.The Golden Ring of Russia consists of eight (some say 12) the major cities of Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vladimir and Suzdal.Also, according to various sources to the cities of the Golden Ring include Rybinsk, Uglich, Ples, Yuriev Polish, Alexandrov, Tutaev, Myshkin, Palekh, Shuya.Even some Moscow guidebooks sometimes referred to as the Golden Ring.The distances between cities are small - so you can take your camera with a tripod and try to make the most beautiful panoramas of the Golden Ring.Then the network is the choice of more and you vote with your own eyes the beauty of ancient Russian cities.