ancient Greeks, in the mythology that seems possible to find a nice explanation of any phenomenon, told the story of the appearance of the first sculpture.Young Greek Cora before parting with her lover decided to make himself his image.She outlined the contour of the head of a young man in the shadows thrown on the ground, and the girl's father filled the silhouette of clay.

course, the first sculptures appeared long before the ancient Greeks.Primitive sculpture is represented, first and foremost, female figures made of soft stone, limestone, in rare cases - from mammoth bones.They wore the iconic nature and were revered as sacred.Archaeologists call them "Venus figurines".The appearance of the ancient "Venus" is peculiar
: they do not have those feet, little hands worked.The main emphasis is on body parts that are directly related to childbirth - the abdomen and chest.According to scientists, it is a generalized image of the homemaker, the embodiment of fertility.

history of sculpture in its modern sense begins with one of the earliest civilizations - ancient Egypt.Initially, she, like all Egyptian art was part of the funeral cult.The Egyptians believed that, in addition to body and soul, there is a ghostly double of a man, his life force, called Ka.When a person dies, the Ka left his body, but then again returned to him, so that man could rise to the afterlife.To Ka easily found his body in the tomb, in addition to the mummy was placed a portrait statue of the deceased.This sculptor was trying to achieve the maximum similarity.

from this tradition and has grown ancient Egyptian art sculptural portrait.Later Egyptian sculptors began to create images of the pharaohs and their wives and other notable people.It should be noted that their works are distinguished by realism and a rather high degree of resemblance to the original, however, they were quite static and seemed frozen.

Sculptures reached perfection in Classical Greece (5th century BC).The great sculptors of antiquity created figures of gods and heroes of the Olympics, from a perfect physique.In addition, they first pass in the history learned movement.Works by Myron, Polykleitos, Phidias and other great masters of antiquity have become consummate model for sculptors subsequent periods.