Nikolai Baskov - Russian nightingale

┬źnatural blond" Nikolai Baskov fell to fifth place in the ranking Forbes.The popular singer began his career as an opera singer, and even performed the famous opera diva Montserrat Caballe.However, performing a few pop songs, Nicholas realized that they bring more income.Today Basque is one of the most popular Russian singers.He performs at various concerts, plays and films, musicals, broadcasts.According to the calculations of "Forbes" Baskov capital is 8.9 million dollars.

Philip - performer originally from Bulgaria

Though Kirkorov has Bulgarian roots, it is associated only with the Russian stage.Family of Philip was also music - his father Bedros was famous Bulgarian singer.But the real fame came to Kirkorov after his marriage to
Diva - Alla Pugacheva, who was his senior by 18 years.This marriage was discussing the whole country, but, in spite of the evil prophecy, the union lasted 14 years.Former spouse maintained a good relationship so far.Kirkorov is popular and in demand to this day, its total capital is 9.7 million dollars.
Philip is known not only his songs but also scandalous behavior against journalists.

Stas Mikhailov - the singer of the people

This favorite female audience a truly fabulous destiny.Stas began his career as a singer restaurant, working in his native Sochi.parallel Mikhailov wrote his own songs and sold cassettes.For the first time the singer has decided to conquer the capital in 1992, but the tide has turned against him, and Stas went back to Sochi.In the early 2000s, Mikhailov made a second attempt by sending a radio song "Without You."Composition suddenly liked the audience, and Stas began his triumphant way to the top of show business.Now he is a regular participant in major concerts and the owner of the amount of 9.8 million dollars.
While Stas Mikhailov is quite popular, many of his colleagues low estimate creativity of the singer.

Grigory Leps - impulsive artist

Execution Grigory Leps can not be confused with someone else.Frenzied energy, drive and a special heart-rending notes of his song make every kind of cry from the heart.Meanwhile, the singer's early career was not cloudless.After moving to Moscow from his native Sochi, Leps faced with uncertainty and lack of understanding.This caused him to be contacted with alcohol and drugs.But the singer dared to overcome the addiction, to stand up and recorded many successful songs.It is estimated that today his fortune is estimated at 15 million dollars.

Valery Gergiev - the master of classical music

first place in the list of richest artists, according to Forbes suddenly took a representative of classical music - Valery Gergiev.Artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre and principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra
won several music awards, while still a student at the Leningrad Conservatory.And at the age of 24 he had already conducted the orchestra.Gergiev is now known all over the world.His fortune is estimated at 16.5 million dollars.However, a significant portion of this amount is income not only from the musical activity, but also on the shares in the company "Evrodon", is the largest supplier of turkey meat.