this song for over 20 years, but it continues to play at parties.Blame belongs Alena Apina, which at that time was the soloist in the "Combination".The text came into her head by accident.The theme of the "little man" of the era composers perceived bias.The track did not want to include in the record of the plate, as it is more like a chanson than on creativity ABBA sought by producers.But the people loved the song immediately and unconditionally.


songs that mention the profession, always bright and unusual.Valery Meladze and his work is perceived in Russia as a pop classic.Valery and his brother Constantine gave people a lot of songs, impregnated with feeling and passion.This is especially true "Actresses".The song reflects idleness and lies associated with this creative profe

«My friend the artist and poet»

This song, which refers to the professions associated with the work, considered one of the most beautiful.It takes a group of "Resurrection", known for its philosophical texts.The song speaks of the allegories painted on the window glass love.The aesthetics of the image and the performance made her a favorite song of bards and poets.

«Song of the doctors»

authorship of the song belongs to Vladimir Vysotsky.As a master of the Colca and bright words, he composed a poem that reflects all the nuances of the physicians.The pros and cons of this profession is clearly visible between the lines.

«Second Lieutenant»

Irina Allegrova performs hits, reflecting the melancholy and passion of women.The song tells the story of a junior lieutenant of the evening dance, where the young man attracts attention.The song, which mentions the profession of police and military, pays homage to the power of youth.


This song is dedicated to the railroad, celebrates Queen Victoria.A mixture of irony and respect for the profession made this song one of the most famous in the 90s.

«Song correspondents»

This hymn was composed of journalists Eldar Ryazanov.He praises a profession related to correspondence and TV.The composition tells us about their hard work associated with Scouting in any ways.


Garik Sukachev with his usual free style of performance has created an ode to plumbers.This work is one of the most popular in Russia, so the song is dedicated to those skilled in pipelines is a success.