certain circumstances, and the ending of this story have to look at it very humorous.Surely it would have laughed at himself Spanish genius because of surrealism in it more than enough.

Imagine razomlevshie silence from the gallery guard that visitors asked to photograph one of the paintings.Report the incident to the publication NY Daily News did not mention why, but the guard, allowing to take photos without a flash, he went away and apparently abstracted from the outside world.

At this time, an attacker who does not hide his face from multiple cameras, took off from the wall of Dali watercolor, put it in a big black bag and took the elevator to the third floor, and quietly went out.Gallery owner, Adam Lindemann just threw up his hands, unable to comment on the incident.

police examined all the video recordings made in the stree
ts near Medisson Avenue.Law enforcement officers were trying to determine whether the thief visited cultural institution in advance.As a result, it failed to establish even the identity of the man, whose camera captured in good quality, but the photos were replicated and then press.

But the story continued unexpectedly.Museum staff suddenly got an email in which it was reported that a burglar or burglars return picture.Then the police, notice of the letter, took parcel directly at Kennedy Airport - she was sent from Europe with a false return address.The examination confirmed the authenticity of the picture, and then she took her former place.Most importantly, the masterpiece is back in the same condition in which it was stolen.

This final, probably due to the fact that the kidnappers could not sell the painting, and it is not so rare.The well-known works, and its author, the harder it is to find a man who dared to buy it.Well, now that the thieves went civilized.