5th century BCIt became the most famous period in the history of ancient Greece.It was then, in the era, known as classical Greek art reached its peak.The most developed and culturally thriving city was Athens.Religious and social center it was considered the Acropolis - a large oblong hill, where from ancient times the temples were built.

Work on the ensemble of the Acropolis of Athens Acropolis

Buildings were destroyed during the war with the Persians, but the then head of the government of Athens, the wise and enlightened Pericles, decided to restore the architectural ensemble.Lead in its reconstruction, he instructed his friend - the greatest Athenian sculptor Phidias.16 years of a life master of the Acropolis dedicated.He supervised the construction of the temple, to dispose of u
nits of artisans and masons.Under the direction of Phidias grew magnificent ensemble that caused constant admiration of contemporaries and descendants.

Parthenon - the main temple of the Acropolis of Athens

main building of the Acropolis of Athens became the mighty Parthenon - a temple of Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin).His immediate creators were Iktinos and Kallikrates.It is believed that first developed the design of the building, and the second has been managing the construction process.The temple occupies the highest part of the hill, and, to this day, seen from anywhere in the city.The monumentality and the austere beauty of the Parthenon give powerful Doric columns.

decoration of the temple was founded by the great Phidias and his pupils.East pediment reliefs depicting scenes of the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus.The theme of the west pediment was the dispute of Athena and Poseidon for supremacy over Attica.Centre facilities was a huge 12-meter statue of Athena Parthenos, created by Phidias in gold and ivory.His eyes sparkled goddess sapphires.On the palm of her right hand was the goddess of victory Nike and the left rested on the shield with the image of the battle of the Greeks and Amazons.

fate of Phidias

Unfortunately, it ruined a masterpiece of the great master.First Phidias was accused of the theft of the gold, which were made garments Athens.However, it is easy to prove his innocence: the gold was removed from the base and weighed.But the envious and detractors of the artist were not satisfied.The second charge was far more serious.The fact that an ambitious Phidias depicted on the shield of the goddess herself and Pericles in the images of the fighting soldiers.In those days it was considered a terrible sacrilege.The great sculptor was thrown into prison, where he spent the rest of his days.Beautiful and majestic Parthenon still dominates the town as a monument to the great art of the ancient masters and the great human ingratitude.