¬ęThe Statue of Liberty" - an abbreviation full well it sounds a little differently: "Liberty Enlightening the World."

Appearance statue

statue is a very impressive structure.Its height is 46 meters, and if you count the pedestal and foundation - 93 m.

allegorical figure of Liberty as a woman with one foot rests on the broken shackles.Her head is crowned with a crown with seven rays.Number of beams requires some explanation.The fact that Western geographers regard Europe and Asia, not as two parts of the continent - Eurasia, as well as two different continent.Accordingly, in the western geography has not six continents and seven-and they symbolize the rays of the Crown.

In her right hand she holds a torch, which she "
illuminates the world", and the left - the tablet on which is inscribed the date in Roman numerals July 4, 1776. This is a very important date for Americans, it is in this day their country was born, heldthe adoption of the Declaration of Independence.Linked to this date and the birth of the famous statue.

history of the Statue of Liberty

In 1876, America celebrated the grand anniversary - the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.For 11 years prior to this significant date, in 1865, the French lawyer E.Labule interesting idea was born.This man always admired America, he considered her "sister" of his homeland.Perhaps he had good reason to say so: during the War of Independence, the United States received from France and military assistance, and logistical support.

E.Labule decided that France should make America a gift for the anniversary.He told his friends about it, among which was the sculptor F.Bartoldi.It was he who began work on the grandiose statue, designed to be a gift to the United States from a friendly state.

There are different versions as to who exactly was the model for F.Bartoldi.It is believed that this was a widow I.Zingera - creator of the famous sewing machine, perceive as similarities with the mother of the sculptor.But, of course, was influenced by French painter E.Delakrua "Liberty leading the people to the barricades," where there is also an allegorical figure of Liberty as a female goddess.

This grandiose project was impossible to do without the engineer who designed to support and frame.It did G.Eyfel, later created the famous Parisian tower.

The project required a lot of money.They were collected in France, and the United States.Not all support this endeavor, many thought that such huge sums of money could be spent on something more useful and practical, and fundraising was not as fast as we would like.Therefore, to complete the statue to the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence failed, it was made 10 years later.

Inauguration of the statue, which has become a gift of France to the United States, took place on October 28, 1886.