First, assess the room where an exhibition.Is there enough space in it, it is easy to navigate whether guests in different rooms.Think of how the choice of exhibition area as a whole is logical and corresponds to the style and direction of the work of artists.Which of the designs you remember, but that seemed uninteresting or, conversely, excessive.It is worth paying attention to the availability of seats or a small sofa, from where visitors can easily view the exhibits.
assess how information was presented about the work.As designed booklets, whether you can find information about the artist or sculptor, and on the direction to which it relates.Pay attention to the media: whether all of it is presented in paper brochures or part of it can be
found on the electronic boards.
define the principles on which the exhibits were selected.As far as he is logical and consistent, whether included in the exhibit creative designs of famous masters.Think about whether the organizers of the exhibition managed to open new names and bring them enough attention.
Consider the little things.How to check the skill of the seamstresses, considering the wrong side of the seam, and the quality of organization of the exhibition is shown primarily in the details.Please note, some refreshments were offered to the guests, there will be enough on all drinks and snacks.Rate and quality of the products.In organizing the exhibition plays an important role lighting.Think about whether there was in the room too dark, or vice versa, the light was too bright?Inspect toilets and bathrooms.
Please note reviews of other visitors.If the exhibition center provided a wardrobe, listen to the conversations of people standing in line for his coat.Many people will want to share their impressions and perhaps you will hear what they themselves have not noticed.In any case, you will be able to compare the reaction of others to their views.