¬ęDo not believe it!" - Used to say Stanislavsky actors who do not get used to their roles.And he was right.Not always a person is able to transform into the role played.It is not always possible to make the audience feel the scene.Skills, the game gives the same impression, make you cry and laugh, worry and listen to what is happening.

real actor

of these actors can be identified by certain characteristics.Chief among them - the ability to grow into the role.There is even a special "immersion method" developed by Stanislavsky.Man plunges into a role, she strives to get used to his character.So, it was impossible to distinguish between the game and real life.Of course, this requires skill, experience and a certain inner work on yourself. Each of you has the right to
say acting "Do not believe it!", But if he can play better.

On this basis, can hardly be called an actor as talented one, because there is another side to the issue soon.Man from film to film shows the same image: a moody Superman, merry, failure and so on.This actor if he will play a different role, it is difficult to perceive differently than in his usual role.Such a person is unlikely talent.

Another thing, when another master every time.In the comedy he humorist, in the tragedy he would have envied Shakespeare himself, in the soap opera - the one who should be on the role.It is very difficult, but it gives the maximum variety of roles.The audience is waiting for his favorite artist will appreciate it and be surprised again.And when a game really believe only shown a real talent.


If you see an actor slips, stumbles, looking into the camera, makes it unnecessary in a particular case the motion stands illogical pauses vengeance tends to express itself, but it does not work, remember - before you incompetent.Uncertain game might be visible only to specialists, but even amateurs are sometimes able to notice slight embodiment of the image on the stage or in a movie. As practice shows, even mediocrity a chance to break into the talents if he would work on himself.

first mistake a bad actor - the inability to maintain a balance between the weak and the game replay.Professional intuitively feel where as a line that can not be crossed, and strap, which can not fall below.The opposite of this - the game mediocrity, visible to the naked eye.