Mikhail Krug (real name Vorobyov) was born in 1962 in the town of Kalinin, now called Tver.From an early age he has been in love with the work of Vladimir Vysotsky.Perhaps because of this, and I learned to play guitar and began writing poetry.By the way, his first work at age 14, he wrote in honor of his classmates.Circle tried to imitate Wysocki in the manner of singing.Michael ran a lessons learned bad, but his passion for singing and guitar was unchanged.

Getting creative way

In 1986, the Circle met with Svetlana, his future wife.It was the first producer of Michael, that she was able to convince the musician in that his work needs to be available to all.In fact, until this moment, all the songs written Circle, went "on the table", and if performed, then
in a circle of friends and acquaintances.

Svetlana insisted on regular live music, constantly offered participation in various competitions, recording songs on cassette tapes.She sewed his own first concert costumes and strongly supported Michael in the beginning.It is known that in 1996 he made his first full concert, but by the time he has released four albums.In 1988, a son, Dmitri, but, unfortunately, a year later, they parted with Svetlana.The reason for the divorce were numerous novels Circle.

Legend of Russian chanson

While still in college, Michael took part in the competition of art song, taking it in the first place with its own creation "about Afghanistan."That is what gave rise to serious creativity on a professional level.A significant role was played by a bard Eugene Klyachkin, he saw the potential and talent of budding bard.

first three albums Michael Krug officially be published, but almost all the songs were included in the follow-up.In 1994, with the release of the new work "Zhigan Limon", the creative life of the musician changed dramatically.The album, despite the specific names containing not only the bawdy songs, he lyrical compositions.With this circle of admirers has grown considerably.

recognition outside the motherland

Circle performed in Germany, America, Israel and all of its success and was waiting for a standing ovation.And most importantly - the indisputable recognition of the talent and the status of the king chanson.The musician is often given in prison charity concerts.Critics acknowledge that it is unable to Michael in his songs convey a particular mood, thoughts, dreams and experiences of prisoners.

Michael Krug began to sing songs not only of his own.For a number of compositions written for him by Alexander Belolebedinskim, "Sveta" was written by Leonid Yefremov, and "Sparks in the fire", "student" or "Chaim" - folk, previously performed by Arkady North.

most famous song Circle "Vladimir Central" on the album "Madame."It is associated with her image of a musician, it is believed that it is dedicated to Sasha North, the famous thief in law.

tragic end

Night 1 July 2002, the native of Tver in his own house was shot by Mikhail Krug.Versions of the murder was initially a lot, but only one was confirmed - robbery.The fact that the admirers of the Circle were respectable and wealthy citizens, who are called thieves in law.One of them was made in due time musician expensive gift in the form of a ring with diamonds.According to the investigators, this is the gift and became the target of thieves who have wormed their way into the house of Krug.Later, when the police arrested the suspects, Michael's wife - Irina, pointed to one of them as the attacker that fateful night.