new album ARTPOP popular American singer Lady Gaga will not only, as before, in the traditional format, but also as a mobile application.The pop star herself has shared this information with their fans in the social network

expected that ARTPOP album will be released in early 2013.The third studio album Lady Gaga planned as a large multimedia project.It will be published as an application for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

According to the singer herself, the application will be interactive, containing chats for communication and for the fans of the game.Among other things, it will include bonus tracks not avail
able on the regular edition and videos for each song.Lady Gaga promises to regularly update the application, filling it with new material.It also will be used to communicate with her fans of the singer.

For more information about this release yet.Previously available information, stating that the new album Lady Gaga will hear her duet with Eminem, but later rumors were denied by representatives of the rapper.According to the resource Gigwise, not so long ago, she recorded a duet with the singer Azela Banks, however, it is unclear whether he will enter into the new album ARTPOP.

Now Lady Gaga, known for her outrageous behavior on stage and in life, makes the tour The Born This Way Ball in different countries of the world in support of their album №2 Born This Way, released in 2011.As part of the tour, the singer is expected to arrive in Russia: St. Petersburg she will perform on December 9 in Moscow - on 12 December.Tour kicked off in late April 2012 in Seoul.Lady Gaga performed dance pop songs, combining the influence of disco, glam rock, electro, R & amp; B, the songs of Michael Jackson and Madonna.