One of the most prestigious beauty contest is considered the "Miss World".To earn the right to participate, the future contestant should win in a national beauty contest.Prior to that, she needs to win in regional competition.
all contenders to participate must meet a number of strict criteria.The competition is open to women aged 17 to 24 years, with an increase of 172 cm. Contestants must not be married is not allowed, and the presence of children.A prerequisite is the knowledge of at least one foreign language.
special commission checks portfolio girls, their goal is not only to certification of compliance with the parameters of the contestants, but the lack of identity and photo shoot
s in the nude before and after the contest under the threat of losing the title.
In trials evaluated talent, communication skills, personality and intelligence.Usually the competition is held in two formats: the official and unofficial stage, which is called "afte-party."Numerous parties, receptions and meetings in which all participants are required to attend, are held to cover the financial costs of and to assess the ability of women to keep themselves in public.Such an assessment does not appear in the valuation table, but very important, because the decision has a significant impact and the factor of subjective perception.
The winner receives a cash prize, which it is obliged to donate to charity, and also signed a contract for a year, by which undertakes to use his title and appearance only in accordance with the instructions of the organizers of the contest and conduct charitable activities.
It was the official version of events.In fact, the girl "in the street" to win the beauty contest is impossible in principle, and "Miss World" - is no exception.In any contest all the titles have a price.The results are mostly known in advance, and the case is not in the outer and inner beauty of women, and in the thickness of their wallets sponsors.At the same time, of course, the so-called "non" to take part is not allowed, all participants texture, but intelligence is often low.However, because of the numerous critics of the competition on this theme, organizers recently reviewing the format by focusing abilities of participants.
advertise benefactors contestant is strictly prohibited, there is even a clause in the contract.By the way, the two contracts, one of which is signed before the competition and the second - after the completion of the winner and two runner-up.The names of those who stand for beauty, become generally known through observation and simple logic.Contestants have to fulfill the invested funds, and because they are often seen in advertising sponsors, as agitators, agents and representatives, even if it is the politicians who are not indifferent to the contest.