Tip 1: How was the Muz-TV 2012

music awards ceremony "Muz-TV 2012" was held on June 1 in Moscow sports complex "Olympic".The main objective of the award was to summarize the activities of Russian musicians of the past ten years.
ceremony is a kind of a concert of the best, according to the organizers and members of the jury, the compositions of the decade.These songs were not the original performers, and their colleagues.So, the group "VIA Gra" performed a cover version of the song "White dragonfly of love" Nikolai Voronov, and the group "Band'Eros" altered it to your motif Spleen famous song "My Heart."
In 2012, was handed 11 silver plates - prize award "Muz-TV" on 11 nominations.The best performer has been recognized by Dima Bilan, the best performer - singer Christmas tree.Awards also received Nyusha, "Degrees", "Band'Eros", "Animals", "vintage", "Disco Crash" and Christina Aguilera, Philip and Max Barsky.It was also served an additional five awards: Igor Krutoy for his contribution to the music industry,
as the best singer Zemfira decade, Philip Kirkorov - the best performer decade, etc.
Award traditionally could not pass without scandals, and 2012 was no exception.Originally planned as a leading Ksenia Sobchak and Andrei Malakhov, but the week before they were replaced by the award Vyacheslav Manucharov.As acknowledged in an interview with Xenia, it was suspended from participation in the show was for political reasons because of the pressure on the management of the channel.Andrei Malakhov did not stand aside and support his girlfriend, voluntarily gave up conducting music awards ceremony "Muz-TV 2012".
After the ceremony, a new scandal broke out, this time between Philip Kirkorov and rapper Timati.Last, using your account in one of social networks, he said he does not understand the choice of the jury and the voting results.Kirkorov's reaction, resulting in between the musicians broke serious scandal, which unwittingly involved many show business.In the air of one of television devoted to the past and the conflict Prize Kirkorov and Timothy in particular, leading Vyacheslav Manucharov said on behalf of the management of the TV channel "Muz-TV" that the premium in 2013 will be closed.

Tip 2: How to choose the winners of the Muz-TV

Award "Muz-TV" - an annual event that is dedicated to summing up the outgoing year in the music industry.It is a concert, during which the stars of show business performers bonuses awarded to some of the eponymous TV channel.
How to choose the winners of the Muz-TV

Award "Muz-TV" is one of the most influential awards in the Russian show business.It automatically puts the artist to obtain a new, higher level.Annual awards ceremony held in early June in the Moscow sports complex "Olympic".

Despite the fact that many artists would like to have this award, to be among the nominees for the award "Muz-TV" is difficult.In just a few months before the awarding ceremony channel collects the competent jury, consisting of personalities of the music industry (producers, music critics, journalists, etc.).This small team is considering premium proposed channel ("Singer of the Year", "Best Album", etc.), and figure out who deserves might get a reward.As a result, the jury selects 5 nominees for a particular rank and television reports.

Then comes the next step of determining the award winners.MUZ-TV is holding a special press conference at which he read out a list of approved this year's awards and nominations.A few days later online channel offers viewers the opportunity to vote for, which is entrusted to choose the worthy representative of music in a particular area.

After the vote count results of the channel staff, and already the basis of them, form a scenario of the ceremony.As a rule, those who disagree with the results of the jury's decision and the vote is not, but if it happens, the channel has the right not to revise the final verdict of the public and leave the situation as it is.After the award ceremony "Muz-TV 2012" TV channel management was announced the decision to close the award after ten years of its existence.