you need
  • - the application of the organization or entity;
  • - historical and biographical information;
  • - copies of archival documents confirming the accuracy of the events or services perpetuates person;
  • - developed and approved the text of the inscription on the monument or plaque;
  • - an extract from the house of the book with the dates of registration in the capital;
  • - a written commitment to the requesting organization to finance the installation.
monuments in the capital are set only to those people or events that had a certain importance in the history of
Moscow.These may be people with officially recognized achievements in public or political life of the city.It is also the basis for the installation of the monument can serve the merits of this or that person in the social, economic, military, industrial, scientific, sports, artistic fields.Under the condition that their contribution to this or that industry has brought a long-term benefit of the city and the country as a whole.
If you want to erect a monument to the outstanding man in the capital, you will have special appeal to the Commission to perpetuate the memory of outstanding events and personalities of national history.At the head of the Commission is the Deputy Premier of the Government of Moscow.He is also the Head of the social sphere in the mayor's office.The experts in the Commission are some members of the City Government, City Council, the Ministry of Culture of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Arts, the Committee of Culture of Moscow.Also, whether or not to install a monument in the capital, will decide the representatives of the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning, Public Relations Committee and, of course, specialists of state control of protection and use of historical and cultural monuments of the city of Moscow, the staff of the Museum of History of the capital, members of the union of artists and architects.Sometimes as professionals and experts may be invited and members of other organizations responsible for urban policies of the city.
At a meeting of the Commission provide a full package of necessary documents and papers.Then you will just wait for the decision, which will be recognized experts.
If the Commission decides to refuse the installation of the monument, all the documents will give the Government of Moscow, and that will make a written waiver and provide you with the appropriate paper.In the case where a positive decision is made on your question about the installation project of the monument or memorial plaque.It should be considered the place where the monument will be established, determined by its appearance, pedestal, etc.
After the installation of the monument all the documents it should be transferred to the council of the district of Moscow, where it is installed.Specialists of the municipal authority will be a monument to the balance, will follow its technical condition and to carry out running repairs and restoration.