you need
  • you will need to purchase a ticket and book a hotel.
Purchase a ticket.If you really want to get to this wonderful show - book your ticket in advance.This can be done on the phone and make sure - as soon as possible.Even in the very first days of May, the official agency for the sale of tickets for the e
xhibition RHS Keith Prowse Ticketing solemnly informs that tickets for the festival at Chelsea already rasprodany.Uchtite following: • Traditionally, the famous flower show tickets sold in two categories.The first - for members of the Royal Horticultural Society Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the second - for the general public. • The first few days of work on the Chelsea Flower Show are only allowed members of RHS.And only in the last days of this beautiful holiday selling tickets for the lucky - mere mortals. • Tickets with it is strictly forbidden, and do not welcome the purchase of tickets through unofficial intermediaries - this is due to the fact that these agencies, knowing the popularity of flower show ,lift up the price of 250 Euro. • There are tours, preferred to foreigners - two days with hotel accommodation from 12 Euros. • You can go to an auction eBay - if you're lucky, you can buy a ticket for 30 euros. • However, the mostreliable way to get to this delightful show - advance refer to the official representative of the festival Keith Prowse Ticketing.His website is located at .The price of the ticket from an authorized representative of the order of 17-39 Euro. • Tickets for this show disposable, you will not be one ticket to visit several events.Availability plus supplement can give you the opportunity to get to sell colors .
Book catalog show .Official Agency ticket online online catalog offers a special - program.You can order it by mail delivery.The cost of the catalog order of 2 euros.If you order a guide in advance, you can choose the activities that interest you most.
Book a hotel or rent an apartment.You can do this easily through the Internet.