Ballet appeared first in Italy, then in France.It is curious that the story even know the date of the first French ballet productions.October 15, 1581 the royal family and the court saw the staging of "Circe, or comedic ballet Queen".The idea belongs to the submission of the court violinists - Italian Baltazarini de Beldzhozo.
At the beginning of the ballet was based on his dancing, adopted at the royal court.About a hundred years originate new genres: comedy-ballet, ballet, opera and others.The music for these performances are beginning to allocate to a particular genre, but most tend to dramatize the staging.After a century ballet became an independent art form.A significant role was played by the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre, who held a series of reforms and made a bid for t
he disclosure of the content of productions through evocative images.
In a special category is always isolated Russian ballet.Russia's first performance was staged February 8, 1673.On that day, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was in the village of Transfiguration and wanted to have fun.According to tradition, the ballet it so much, that he commanded to develop this area of ​​art.
Russian ballet as a special part of the overall art of ballet began to take shape at the beginning of the XIX century.French choreographer Charles-Louis Didlo made closer ties dance steps and mime, increase the value of the corps de ballet.It was he who made the center of women's dance performances.Russian ballet would not have been known throughout the world, if not the composer PIChaikovsky.That he is the music, which became the basis of the classical ballets "The Nutcracker," "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty" and others.The deep penetration of music enabled the dancers to more fully disclose the figurative content, dramatic means to express the feelings and experiences of heroes.On stage, the characters grow, develop, fought with each other and themselves, they fell in love, were killed.The ballet is no longer just a dance, but has become an art form, understandable to the viewer.
academic ballet of the XIX century was put into the framework of rules, stereotypes and conventions.At the beginning of the XX century, not only in Russia but also in other countries around the world have begun an intensive search for new forms.There was a modern - an alternative to the strict forms of ballet and then free dance.It is believed that the free dance of Isadora Duncan came up.She was convinced that dancing is natural, it is part of every human being and reflects the language of the soul.It was Duncan first came down from the ballet pointe, refused to awkward packs in favor of light and flying robes.Free dance has become a global movement that gave rise to the next evolutionary round ballet.